$19.95 $14.95

Thumbs-Up Hard

Hyper realistic artificial slip-on thumb for magic filmed in HD and 4K.

Hyper realistic artificial slip-on thumb for stage, TV, and orthopedics. Hollow and ultra light it's worn on a real thumb for various effects. The only choice for HD and 4K video performance due to its astonishing realism including pores, veins, and real finger print. The seamless, non-reflective polymer rejects dirt yet allows for makeup application and manicuring.

An ultra soft and flexible version is available here: Thumbs-Up Soft. It's more popular because it's more versatile. It can be slipped onto your inferior thumb tips so that you get the handling you're used to at an upgraded look.

The story behind Thumbs-Up Hard

The flexible prosthetic marvel we engineered with Thumbs-Up Soft over the course of 2 years produced multiple iterations of mold...

$19.95 $14.95

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