From legendary creators of iBeer, Hottrix, comes this iTunes Award Winner. Drink Soda on your iPhone and iPod touch. 5 Drinks in One!

This hilarious sight-gag is fully interactive and behaves like a real glass of Cola, Water, Energy Drink and more thanks to the iPhone sensors and our spare time.

Tilt to sip, shake for foam, even pour iSoda from device to device. Modeled after our award winning iBeer (but tons more realistic) this virtual Soda Machine takes full advantage of iPhone's high-res screen, accelerometer, and speakers. Even "sell" Soda with our nifty Trick-Coin-Slot.

You've seen it on TV, YouTube, and read about it in your favorite paper. Now it can be yours!
Bonus burp included.
Get it today and never be thirsty again!

Shake (foam)
Burp (on/off)
5 Drinks in One

Fizzy and Still Water
Mouthwash Gag
Hot Vending Machine Interface
Astonishing realism
Fully interactive
Multi level foam
Motion control bubbles
Customize sound and behavior

Video tutorials: http://www.hottrixdownload.com
Detailed instructions
24/7 support

Get our new iBeerKeg™ for iPad. Brew, pour, and drink epic amounts of beer on your iPad. It's enormous, totally realistic, and even acts as a draught for your iPhone's iBeer

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iBeerKeg (iBeer's big brother on steroids)
iMilk (Sober iBeer. Even shakes whipped cream)
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iBug (Feed, tickle, tumble cute or ugly bugs. Make them fat!)
HottrixPhone (Barack Obama calls your iPhone, or Elvis, or Mum)


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The reviews are in!

love the app for the berp — Jul 27, 2014
yo this app is awsom and if you donte know if you want to buy it or not your in the write place. this app is awsom for the ipod tutch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! granted it is a little $$$$$, well you get the point, but donte just turn it down for that. it has a end nois that is a lowd berp and well if your a kid it will probobly wakk up the kids around you on the bus in the morning. it also has a mouth wash seting to where it gargals at the end but it is alot quieter than the berps wich i realy think they could improov on, but eny way I give it a thumbs up!!!!! ps(donte listen to the other reviews this app is the bome!!!)

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