From Hottrix, infamous creators of iBeer, comes the answer to snack attacks. Make and eat popcorn on your iPod touch! Now with FREE candy and nuts.

This is the amazing magic trick the New York Times voted "favorite app".

Your iPhone becomes a popcorn machine.
Reach right into the screen (your fingers appear INSIDE the phone!), pull out a kernel, and start snacking. Half magic trick, half visual-gag iMunchies is the life of the party.
Sneak this one into the movies and save tons!

Snacks AND your fingers appear inside any application or photo on your iPhone. It's too much fun!

You've seen it on TV, YouTube, and read about it in your favorite paper. Now it can be yours!
Get it today and stop counting calories forever.

FREE Popcorn
FREE Candy

Astonishing realism
Fully interactive
Motion control snacks
Through-screen action
Editable effects
Skin-tone syncing
Scene selector: Snacks can appear inside just about any application or photo you took

ADD-ONS (available separately from within iMunchies)
GummiBears, Gum, Bonbons available at package deal price
Coins: Turn iMunchies into an amazing Magic Wallet with our discount CoinPack available extra.

The story behind iMunchies

After David Pogue raved about iMunchies for the New York Times in 2007 a flurry of other TV producers fell in love with our quirky sight gag. Most prominently iMunchies was featured on Food Network's Dinner: Impossible Episode 11 "Magicians Meal", which aired on November 12, 2007.
Seeing as there still wasn't an app store, people's amazement didn't just pertain to the visual effect but also to the miracle of adding new features to their recently released smartphone.
Unsurprisingly the world of advertising found a lot of inspiration in this concept.


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The reviews are in!

Diamond Foods ripped off your app!!! 
Trish — Feb 22, 2017
Just saw Perfect Pop app and it's a ripoff. Glad the judge sided with you. Bravo!!!
Awesome customer service 
Nadiakasper30 — Jul 27, 2014
The snack are very realistic , they make me hungry whenever I play with them. And the customer service is outstanding , I had my extra snack pack disappear and I wrote the company an email and less then 20 minutes later not only did they write back a very friendly , and personalized response but it actually worked ! I recommend this app to anyone who loves having fun!

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