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Never hunt for power plugs again. Simply charge your iPhone by sheer force of tactile magic.

Warning noises and a blinking empty battery signs don't bother you. Elegantly slide the battery level to full and continue surfing for cat pix. A real conversation starter!

A Hottrix classic, released before the app store even existed. It's a simulated app: A short and devastatingly convincing video you play on your iPhone to produce realistic lifelike simulation effects that are not possible with programmed apps.

When it comes to truthful naturalism for unprecedented audience reactions nothing beats a Hottrix simulated app.

sold out

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The reviews are in!

Jackson Welch — Nov 3, 2017
this app sucks 
SUPERNINJAKID69 — Mar 1, 2017
My phone did not charge after this do not download my phone was at 1% THEN I USED THIS APP AND IT DIED DO NOT DOWNLOAD I REPEAT DO NOT DOWNLOAD
yadir — Jun 4, 2016
Work good in desert 
عه زه — Sep 4, 2014
Camel not have outlet. Using this apps insted.
More appropriate than ever 
KenD. — Aug 31, 2014
With battery life dropping at every new app I install (because it uses location services by default) I finally understand the "wall huggers" at the coffee shop. After tripping once more over one of a charger cable there I showed her how to "properly quick charge" an iPhone, using this trick. We've got a date on Friday...

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