iBug for Kids

Laugh and learn with a quirky ladybug who loves fruit, vegetables, and the occasional bad snack. Learn foods, colors, numbers, and the alphabet while giggling a lot.

Tested and approved by Apple as "Made for Kids 1-5" and the first Hottrix app to fully adhere to strict parental guidelines (details...).

Tap anywhere to feed the bug. Tickle it to hear it laugh. Practice foods, colors, numbers, the alphabet, and spatial memory.
Pizza and Hot Dogs make the bug hilariously fat.
Find out what chili peppers and onions can do.
Catch the fly and see what happens.
Change backgrounds, numbers, letters and even turn the bug into a cockroach.

Make up your own games:
"Behind what color is the watermelon?"
"What number is the strawberry?"
"Is it safe to eat a number 14?"
"What does the letter M stand for?"
"Stooooop, the cockroach eats too much pizza!"
"Does the ladybug like leather or soft cloth?"

Download PDF with all foods. Print it and use it alongside the app.

Made by a parent. No advertising, no in-app sales, no timers, no links, total privacy. Just a simple and fun app for you and your 1 - 6 year old.
Visit http://www.hottrix.com/kids to learn about the new us!

The story behind iBug for Kids

This app has an 11-year history. In 2007, before there was an App Store we produced a strikingly realistic short video, which when played on the original iPhone, made it look as if a bug liv...


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