iBug Classic

The creepy bug-zapping hilariousness that Apple didn't allow in the app store.

Open your iPhone, watch the Bug crawl in, activate the BugZapper and even grab the creapy crawly through the screen. Extermination and BugFixing in one easy move. Kids love it. Adults shudder.

A Hottrix classic, released before the app store even existed. It's a simulated app: A short and devastatingly convincing video you play on your iPhone to produce realistic lifelike simulation effects that are not possible with programmed apps.

When it comes to truthful naturalism for unprecedented audience reactions nothing beats a Hottrix simulated app.

An interactive version with less extermination but more humor is available on the app store. Read more about the "new" iBug for iOS.

The story behind iBug Classic

Filming this gem was a hoot. And many a screams. Those hissing cockroaches DO hiss and they're BIG. We smuggled the animal handlers (Steven and Maria) and their contraband insects into our hotel suite at a magic convention in Las Vegas to create a knockout app to be released the next day for the taping of a Food Network episode...

No programmed app can replicate the mind blowing reality of an actual hissing cockroach but we converted this simulated app into an interactive version (later known as iBug for iOS) anyhow in 2008. Apple didn't accept it because the simulated lightning bolt to the animal along with the smoke was too much for their target demographic.
So we gave in and made iBug for iOS which features insects with eating disorders, which according to the Cupertino fruit company, is quite acceptable...


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