Thumbs-Up Soft for HD video magic

Hyper realistic artificial slip-on thumb for stage, TV, and orthopedics. Hollow and ultra flexible it's worn on a real thumb for various effects or to hide blemishes and band-aids.

Ideally suited to imitate fingerprint falsification in heist- and spy movies. The only choice for HD and 4K video performance due to its astonishing realism including pores, veins, and real finger print. The seamless, non-reflective ultra thin elastic polymer rejects dirt yet allows for makeup application and manicuring. It can be compressed down to the size of a quarter yet springs into perfect shape instantly.

Change 1$ to 100$ with your bare hands or vanish salt, sugar, cream etc. Possibilities are endless. Use this product to cover inferior but more rigid artificial thumb tips or wear it directly on the hand depending on effect. Invaluable for HD and 4K TV shows or videos that tend to be watched numerous times by a curious audience. The polymer's unique anti-reflection property eliminates the dreaded and devastating gloss under bright production lights shared by all other inferior thumb tips. Its excellent friction qualities allow for precise handling of effects in which dry or overly moist hands can ruin an effect such as high-speed boomerang playing card shooting. Its astonishing elasticity makes way for revolutionary techniques not just to steal and ditch but to control flow of liquids and other particles such as salt or sugar.

Prosthetics and body modding:
Famed for its sleeve-like quality it can cover inferior prosthetics or be used directly on the body depending on application. Fantastic for body modding effects on 3D printed prosthetic hands like the Cyborg Beast and Robohand (https://www.thi...om/thing:261462) especially in combination with our realistic set of index fingers. Finger nail can be manicured down to the glossiness preferred. Nail polish and artificial nails may be applied. A fraction of the price for cosmetic devices available from orthopedic specialists yet superior in appearance.

Hospitality and Service Industry:
Elegantly covers unsightly cuts, burns, and bandaids frowned upon in the food and beverage industry. Bartenders and servers who rely on immaculate appearance for gratuity highly appreciate our range of slip-on fingers. So do hotel- and restaurant operators who need to adhere to food safety laws and dread unannounced inspectors issuing citations for staff with improper wound covers. The gripping properties of the elastic polymer allows for comfort and functionality in manual tasks. Sterilizable in high heat, thus reusable and sanitary. Fits inside a wallet due to its skin-like behavior.

Film and TV:
Besides hiding unsightly blemishes or cuts on actors it's often used for special effects in high resolution productions. As it fits snuggly on talent's thumb it it can either contain fake blood or other matter that oozes through realistic cuts possible due to its skin-like properties. Ideal for fingerprint faking scenarios whether used in its full length or cut into shape to accentuate the ultra realistic molded fingerprint.

Soft or Hard:
A hard version is available here: Thumbs-Up Hard.

Overnight shipping via Amazon Fulfillment from the warehouse nearest you.

The story behind Thumbs-Up Soft for HD video magic

It was paradise. A factory full of body parts in all sizes, shapes and colors. We knew right then that we wanted the world's leading prosthetics manufacturer to work with us. Created nearly 20 years ago for TV productions some magicians frowned at the need for a nearly undetectable prosthetic device. Today with an HD camera in everyone's smartphone and every show filmed and posted in HD online, then watched over and over again, it's become indispensable.

2 years in the making, Thumbs Up was a hit right from the start because it revolutionized a magic prop that's been around forever but ugly. Even the purists enjoyed its authenticity because it allowed them to simplify handling techniques that were based on hiding the prop meticulously due to its previous unnatural look. Novices loved it because it made them comfortable instantly, not having to worry about an artificial finger that literally stuck out like a sore thumb.
Recently Thumbs Up has skyrocketed in popularity due to the ever present HD cameras built into spectator's smartphones and the fact that controlling your audience is one thing but controlling an army of YouTube viewers watching your act in slow motion on repeat is a whole new problem. The megapixel count in still cameras along with shameless use of built-in flash on DSLRs and smartphones no longer provides a problem either because of the anti-reflective properties and lifelike fingerprintable nature of Thumbs Up. With the advent of 4K super Hi-Res video currently hitting consumer devices we're glad we precision engineered this prosthetic marvel obsessively years ago without knowing that it would solve today's problems so effortlessly.

Magicians who often consult other industries ended up being responsible for Thumbs Up's success in areas we never even dreamed of (see above). These days you'd crowd fund a fake finger for restaurant workers who need to avoid health inspector citations. Yet we just passionately funded and produced a better product back in the day and it found its way into everyone's bar and heart. Magicians, eh...


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The reviews are in!

I have been delighted with all of your products. 
Oliver — Jul 27, 2014
Thumbs up has made card shooting a breeze, both hard and soft are part of my arsenal. Inferno is by far my most used prop everywhere I go and as a matter of fact I've purchased my second one a short bit ago with Sprizzer...

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