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Sylvester Pitch Anniversary DVD

The complete Video course on award winner Dan Sylvester's Inertia Pass. A revolutionary technique allowing you continuously produce objects from thin air.

The complete and professional Video Course. 80 minutes packed with never before seen footage, freaky tricks and hilarious sight gags. Plus bonus features and insights shot 10 years later.

Continuously appear Coins, Jumbo Coins, Mugs, Ash Trays, Decks of Cards, Eggplants, Steel Nuts, Salami...You name it.
Detailed Instructions and Complete Routines, wonderful Close-Ups, Overhead Shots and Slo-Mo sequences mixed with hilarious sight gags make this video a true learning experience.

"You could build an entire career on this one move...One of the best tapes I have ever seen" Gordon Bean, Genii Magazine

Sylvester Pitch is for the serious student and the fun seeking hobbyist alike! We were lucky to get the chance to find some never before seen TV sequences from Dan's archive for you to see that nothing seems impossible to this living cartoon. Included are Shows from exotic places such as Barcelona and Portugal. You won't believe your eyes!

Most people have not realized, that Dan Sylvester is also an excellent close-up performer who applies the same laws of his outrageous creativity onto development of new moves and gadgets. Some years ago Dan invented a technique called "Inertia Pass" which became famous among magicians immediately. Everybody wanted to learn it. Yet until 1998 there wasn't any educational material available. We produced Sylvester Pitch and remastered it with additional material 10 years later.

Lots of Bonus Material In addition to teaching you every nuance of this technique you will also get a glimpse at the sound vest, the astonishing sound-effect generator which allows Dan to instantly create Cartoon Soundtrack to his every move. Plus learn Dan's famous Jumpy Ring where any borrowed ring visibly jumps onto your finger. No gimmicks, just one pure ingenious move!

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$34.95 $29.95

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The reviews are in!

The money I spent was well repaid in laughts. 
Francois — Jul 27, 2014
You did a great job with Dan and his "pitch". Way better than his first production.

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