Sprizzer for wacky liquid gags

Squirt liquids and shoot smoke from anywhere, even your "bare" hands. Precision molded prosthetic device for hilarious particle effects.

SPRIZZER produces liquids or smoke at your command and from "empty hands". It also levitates objects without threads, wires or complicated hookups.
Ready in seconds and no tubes or tanks to hide. In fact your hands can be seen empty before, during and after the effect!

Milk invisible cows, perform voodoo surgery, drink someone's juice and pour it back from your nose, exhale cigar smoke from your ears, sneeze at bank windows, make any glass leak or float just about anything behind your hand...

Comes with free downloadable tutorial and a hilarious instructional video that teaches you everything including how to levitate YOURSELF with SPRIZZER.

If you like how incredibly realistic this device pretends to be a finger you'll love our whole range of Prosthetics.


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The reviews are in!

Thanks again for some very cool products! 
John — Jul 27, 2014
Your Thumbs-Up (hard) is great! I used it the day I received it and because of the fantastic detail I felt comfortable showing my hands REALLY empty. I am also using the Inferno and love the effect. The Sprizzer is such a unique piece of equipment that it hasn't found it's way into my everyday bag of tricks but, it is waiting breathlessly in the wings. Dan Sylvester's Sylvester Pitch, well, what a fantastic "move", aside from the routines in the video I have come up with many uses for it in effects that I already do.

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