Rinkey Dinkey - Jewelry Thief Car Key

James Bond prop that performs miracles for you. Secret precision mechanics built into a car key let you vanish borrowed jewelry, then reappear it locked onto your set of keys.

Show us some magic! How many times have you heard this and wished you could really perform a miracle without a suspicious looking prop? Well, now you can! RinKey Dinky does NOT look like a prop. It's actually never even noticed even though it does all the hard work for you!

Borrow a spectator's ring and it instantly disappears. When you apologize for the mishap, offer to let them have your car instead. They reach into your pocket to retrieve your keys only to find their piece of jewelry safely threaded on the key ring.

This imitation car key will do 3 things: It'll vanish a borrowed ring and it'll safely transport it into your pocket next to the other keys. It also attaches the jewelry to the key ring. This all happens at once without you having to fumble or misdirect. The only time you touch the ring is when you borrow it.

It's the perfect impromptu effect because it requires no setup or strike. It works with or without jacket, using just about any pocket in your clothing. You won't have to remember to bring this prop because it simply lives on your normal set of keys.


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Just Received RinKey Dinky 
Kurt Kruze — Jul 27, 2014
It's superb. I've always been reluctant to do any version of the ring flight effect because of many of the same reasons that you cover in you download manual, but this is SO natural! I'm looking forward to using an item which I feel will become part of me, rather than an awkward magish-y prop ( if you know what I mean) Please keep me updated with any further ideas with this item, as I thought the Pendragon routine was great.

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