Replica Engine

Objects jump out of Instagram then hop into your hands with Replica4D.

Make any object jump out of a social media post!
Reach into Instagram and pull things into the real world. Shake your phone so items hop out of photos and bounce around as if trapped behind the display's glass. Slide them out, shake them out, or let them leap out hands-off.

Use any object:
Create simulated 3D objects from any photo without the need of complicated image manipulation- or 3D software. Objects appear to reflect light or shine when tilting the device while dynamic shadows automatically add to the illusion of depth. Up to 4 objects can simultaneously move around the screen, controlled by how you move your device.

Use any app:
Replica4D is so customizable that you can turn it into just about any app you wish. Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Amazon, Mail, News....

Visit the creators:
Part of the original Hottrix team created Replica4D and we LOVE what they've done with the idea we introduced over 10 years ago. Visit them at


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The reviews are in!

This was absolutely great!!!!!! 
Steven Kan — Jan 12, 2022
When I started to go inside the world of digital magic, I love object to phone effect, but I tried many different apps, but it is not fully customisable, until now, I found Replica4D, the reason why I love this is because you can customise your routine, and the whole effect is so realistic, just like real MAGIC.

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