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Money by SMS

Receive real money via SMS, then pluck it right out of the screen.

Text message turns to cash.
Receive an MMS with a $20 bill which jumps from the iPhone. Watch people's faces with this one. AMAZING!

A Hottrix classic, released before the app store even existed. It's a simulated app: A short and devastatingly convincing video you play on your iPhone to produce realistic lifelike simulation effects that are not possible with programmed apps.

When it comes to realism for unprecedented audience reactions nothing beats a Hottrix simulated app.

sold out

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The reviews are in!

this is dumb 
COOLNINJAKID42069 — Mar 1, 2017
i had to use my own 20 dollar bill 4 this crap it does not give free money :/
5 star 
Nhật Huy — Aug 27, 2015
Very funny!

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