Miracle Selfie

You’ll laugh your head off. Literally! Meet Miracle Selfie, a comedy photo app that looks like a selfie beautifier but shocks people with a hilarious surprise; it switches everyone's face who’s in the photo.

Take a selfie with Justin Bieber and watch as cucumber slices give you two the spa-makeover of a lifetime: You’ll end up with his face and he with yours. Beam the crazy photo straight to friends on Instagram (or Facebook, Twitter, and email).

The perfect conversation starter at parties! A brilliant excuse to talk to someone, make them laugh, then connect via Social...

Use the camera or photo album; No matter how many people, everyone will end up with someone else’s face! Automatic face swap, instant laughter! Nobody around? Hold a magazine with a big face next to your head; The results are hysterical!

Celebrities love Miracle Selfie when taking pix with their fans because it produces viral content at no effort while keeping everyone entertained. Not a celebrity? Use Miracle Selfie and you’ll soon be one...

Use the camera or photo album
Automatic face detection and switching
Up to 12 faces at once
Replace faces instantly
Hilarious sound effects
Looks like a beauty app
Wacky cucumber spa visuals
Share to social networks or email
Save to camera roll
Share original and crazy photo

Full frontal head shots work best. Babies work sensationally, pets don’t. Take a selfie with a magazine if nobody is around. Tell people the app will give their face a spa (much funnier than telling them about a face swap). Tap the beautify button again to undo the crazy picture (if someone freaks out). Respect people’s privacy and only share if they’re OK with it.


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