Predict the future and read minds from anywhere in the world with an iPhone Card Trick worthy of America's Got Talent.

Amazing and fun. Never look at the screen yet still know what people across the room or on a different continent are thinking. Your iPhone or their iPod touch.

Hand anyone your iPhone, let them freely think of a card and you'll know which one it was. Also allows you to "force" a card from a distance. Mat Franco won America's got Talent with an iPhone magic trick. Now it's your turn to be a magician with a card trick on iPhone.

No internet access required. Pro-grade effect but easy to master.

The story behind MindBeam

Our little devious invention dates way back to the dark days of the Palm Pilot and we sold it as AbraPick. When the shiny iPhone came around we gave it a new look and shot a commercial that ...


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The reviews are in!

Best iPhone trick since iHypno 
rotoRosa — Jul 27, 2014
It is indeed devious and leaves spectators in total amazement. Very entertaining and straight forward. Got this a while back from Premier App Shop but am glad it's on app store now with free updates. Please bring your iHypno to app store too. I especially love the unlockable extra cards like the postcards and such...Though they're well hidden and not documented (Hottrix even denies their existence) they're well worth the effort! Highly recommended!

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