Magic Wallet

Your iPhone becomes an ATM. Make money on your iPhone, then reach into the screen and start spending.

A counterfeiter's wet dream and your own personal Wall Street. Bail yourself out without the need of corrupt politicians!
Now it's YOUR turn to cheat the banks and pay yourself a bonus.

Our recession buster allows you to mint all major currencies, penetrate the screen to grab coins, even pour out part of the loot or a whole pocketful of coins.
Magic Wallet features game-grade physics, sound, and interaction to perfectly simulate an iPhone full of money only a Bernie Madoff could have invented.

So realistic it will fool a Swiss banker!
AAA++ Ratings by all the "totally independent" agencies!
Get your pocket-sized offshore account today and contribute to the inflation one quarter at the time. Ponzi Scheme, Shmonzi Scheme. Look at my iPhone and trust me!

• Mint
• Grab
• Spend
• 7 Currencies

• Astonishing realism
• Fully interactive
• Motion control coins
• NEW: Grab any coin you like
• Through-screen action
• Single coin move & all-coin-physics
• Editable effects and magic triggers
• Skin-tone and finger size syncing
• Scene selector: Money can appear inside just about any application of photo you took
• Currencies: US, UK, EU, CA, CHF, YEN, AU
• Occupy Wall Street Satisfaction
• Find the easter egg...


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The reviews are in!

Mertcan — Mar 11, 2015
It's good but Please add The Turkish lira. Thanks
Love this app alot! Very well done! 
MGumabon — Jul 27, 2014
Great app! I just Hottrix to release an iCoffee app, where coffee can be sprayed or drip brewed into the screen and give of some hot steam. And you could add sugar, cream, milk, and/or chocolate or caramel syrup. Please! There is no app like this on the App store, the Hottrix Premier App Shop, or anywhere! Please design and release something like this. Love all you apps! Keep up the good work and good advertisments! I probably wrote this same reveiw on almost every Hottrix app exept for iBeer, and I only did that becuase I believe that this idea is pretty cool, and i really want Hottrix to make it!

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