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Inferno - Invisible flame thrower

INFERNO produces huge bursts of fire from your hands or any object you touch! Show your hands empty immediately. The potential is unlimited.

Huge Flames from anywhereFrom now on you'll be paying your groceries with a flaming credit card, picking up the tab with a blazing bill and hand your business card the INFERNO way. You'll even be sneezing like a dragon or spit fire at your nephew's wedding. You name it, it will burn - Hands empty immediately - No reset for repeated action. Due to the extremely small and clever mechanism you can use INFERNO in just about any real life situation.
INFERNO the product is no longer available

INFERNO -The Movie
features lots of everyday situations of flame throwing and adds such amazing feats like: Human Gastank, Flaming Beer and Self-igniting Match.
INFERNO the tutorial video is available as a collector's item

From IMDB:
A fantastically campy 1990s video shows how throwing flames from nowhere makes for a great night out while teaching you how to handle a devious magic prop to the minutest detail.

Inferno revolutionized the way magic was advertised, sold, and taught to magicians in that it applied current (1996) strategies that somehow hadn't made it to the niche markets yet. As a result magic publications started to print more than just the cover in full color because after Inferno most inventors insisted on running full color ads, too.

It spawned a new generation of magicians utilizing video to promote themselves and their art in somewhat realistic everyday settings. A concept that later became known as "street magic".

The product was retired in 2001 in light of people's increasing tendency to behave irresponsibly, then use litigation to obtain rewards for idiotic comportment. The tutorial video is a brilliant piece of low-budget art house camp meets vaudeville, yet manages to teach every facet of this igneous invention without language.

Inferno features physical comedian and inventor Steve Sheraton who retired from stage the same year this oeuvre hit the shelves of every magic shop. It's probably the last video showcasing Sheraton's zany, yet surprisingly subtle non-verbal performance style reminiscent of Jacques Tati. The dihcotomic appearance versus performance style, often described as Siegfried meets Danny Kaye, makes for a refreshing take on silent comedy and magic alike.

The master tapes and raw footage -filmed in Switzerland- were ironically destroyed during a fire at a tape duplication plant in Los Angeles in 2003. Subsequently this collector's piece was digitized from one of the last remaining VHS tapes.

collector's video from $2.99

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