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Ice bucket challenge trick

Hottrix joins Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, and Jennifer Lopez in the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS. But with a wacky twist...

Hottrix joins the stars with a wacky twist to the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Ice bucket meets iPhone meets magician
Celebrities are dumping ice water on their heads to raise awareness for ALS. Hottrix turns it into a zany trick to increase donations and laughter.

Watch the video (30 seconds)

You, too can perform this quirky trick! Join the stars without the chill and mess. Download this trick, then tell your friends you've just completed the ice bucket challenge but forgot to remove your iPhone. And look what happened...

Hottrix is donating the full net proceeds to the ALS Association.
Get the trick and donate at the same time!
Tired of staring at stars showing off wet T-shirts? Take action and make people laugh in amazement with this donation trick.

Make them laugh!

To learn more about ALS and to donate directly:

To learn more about the ice bucket magic trick:

To learn more about Hottrix:

To get an app that behaves like an ice bucket, check out our latest invention: http://hottrix....llengeSimulator

The story behind Ice bucket challenge trick

Yeah, we got tired of a fundraiser turning into the ego-fest of celebs with abs. So we took the challenge and within the mandatory 24 hours produced an ice bucket challenge video that could ...

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The reviews are in!

Thank you for a reason to donate ;) 
Luis — Aug 19, 2014
You're the first one to actually include links to ALS for direct donations. Whatever blogs and social media posts I read just focus on wet people, making me wonder if "raising awareness" is aimed at the cause or the celebrity... Love the trick!

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