Ice Bucket Challenge Simulator

Pretend to pour ice water over your head. This app acts like super realistic ice water but keeps you drier and funnier than others...

Join Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, and Jennifer Lopez in the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS. Except you can do it all the time without getting wet or cold.

Ice Bucket Challenge Simulator perfectly emulates a smartphone full of ice water. Thanks to award-winning physics by iBeer inventors Hottrix, the water moves whichever way you tilt your phone. This way you can drink or pour ice water anytime and anywhere.

Tired of staring at stars showing off wet T-shirts and turning a good cause into an ego fest? Take action and out-ice-water-bucket them all. Anytime - Anywhere!


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The reviews are in!

Android and iPhone 
Trey — Aug 31, 2014
Works great on my Samsung S3. Sounds and looks totally real. You're probably waiting for Apple to approve an iPhone version but I have a workaround: On my iPhone I just use your iBeer and select "Water" or "Vodka", though it doesn't produce the authentic ice cube sound of the Android version.... Still good for a laugh.
Simply brilliant! 
Spencer — Aug 29, 2014
Hottrix once more is ahead of its time by predicting the ice bucket challenge fatigue and they're following through full throttle with a tongue in cheek blurb, a superbly ironic video, and an actual app to boot. No doubt it'll go over most people's heads and that's why I LOVE this company. Bold statements, no matter the cost. Yep, the app is free.

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