Handz-Up for paranormal stunts

Hyper realistic artificial slip-on hand for stage, TV, and pickpocket scenes. Hollow and ultra flexible it's worn on a real hand, then deposited where a hand should be visible, freeing up your real hand to do what it needs to do...

Its self gripping characteristics allow attachment to just about anything. Slipping your hand back into it, then removing it worn, allows for natural "cleanup" with no extra bits to hide.

float anything behind a napkinThe only choice for HD and 4K video performance due to its astonishing realism including pores, veins, and real finger print. The seamless, non-reflective ultra thin elastic polymer rejects dirt yet allows for makeup application and manicuring. It can be compressed down to the size of a quarter yet springs into perfect shape instantly.

Magic and paranormal stunts:
Perform impromptu levitation effects and crazy stunts anywhere - anytime! This amazing prop lets you levitate just about anything including yourself.self writing pen It packs flat (even fits into your wallet) and is always ready. Be it in a restaurant, bar or big illusion show, Handz-Up will never fail to deliver what it promises: Mind blowing magic and top professional reliability. Handz-Up is THE killer gimmick and super easy to perform.

One more GIF:
A young Steve Sheraton levitates an entire chair. Fantastic stunt at any restaurant and sure to get you free desert or thrown out. Use your best judgement.
even huge objects defy gravity

The story behind Handz-Up for paranormal stunts

Already the ancient Egyptians made use of false hands to free up a real one for all sorts of trickery. Impossibly ugly versions have been widely used for paranormal presentations, pickpocket...


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The reviews are in!

Love it. Love it. Love it.  
Jeremy — Jul 27, 2014
Already used this a few times. Realistic looking...easy to get on and off. Stays where it should. Get it !
Handz Up is Great! 
George — Jul 27, 2014
I love this prop. It is easy to handle and great for impromptu magic. Plus, this gimmick looks real too! It grips pretty well (up right) and if you want to use it side ways then you can get "Magnet Up" and use it that way as well. This product is soft and compact so you can carry it in your pocket and be ready to perform at the drop of a top hat. So, if you're looking for a great "third hand", then this can be something you might want to grab right away because when they are gone...they are gone. And at this price point, it's worth it!
Rick — Jul 26, 2014
I am familiar with this style prop but have never seen and felt one this realistic. The self gripping is ingenious and I love how I can actually wear it before and after the effect. Very clean. Highly recommended!

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