CupOodles hiding in sealed food

Transport objects into sealed packages! Borrow a ring, coin, signed playing card and make it reappear in a completely sealed and shrink-wrapped cup of noodles.

Just think about the laughs when you pull out a Cup of Noodles, then toss it into the audience. Now think about the ultimate astonishment if this completely sealed package actually contains an object that vanished in a spectator's hands.

It doesn't stop there: The FREE download eBook that comes with CupOodles teaches you how to transport objects into just about any industrially sealed package you can find. How about a box of tissues, a bag of candy, a tumbler of washing detergent or even a messy yogurt.

Of course the spectators and not you open the package. In fact, you don't need to touch the item at all after it's handed out. Impossible? It's all possible now! Once you own the CupOodles gimmix you can use just about any package you like.

We are NOT selling you a specially prepared Cup of Noodles but a device that lets you use any package you prefer.

FREE BONUS: The 30 page instant download eBook teaches you how to use just about any kind of box so you're not stuck with Cups of Noodles if you prefer Cereal, Yogurt or a box of tissues! "

CUP NOODLES® is a registered trademark of NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS CO., LTD. CupOodles is a parody on the name "CUP NOODLES." CupOodles includes a repackaging / repurposing of a genuine CUP NOODLES® product purchased at retail as is authorized under the Lanham Act. CupOodles and Hottrix, LLC are in no way affiliated or endorsed by NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS CO., LTD., "CUP NOODLES" or any of its related entities or licensees. Hottrix® is a registered trademark of Hottrix, LLC and is completely unaffiliated with NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS CO.,LTD."


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The reviews are in!

Thanks for sharing your genius with me. 
James Linn — Jul 27, 2014
I think Hottrix is the best magic producer around. I am totally blown away by Cupoodles and Silencer! You guys and girls at Hottrix rock.

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