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Quickly create glamorous apps for artists, bands, and acts whom you promote. Perfect for artist agencies and event planners.

Brilliant for agents and publicists who need to churn out event-specific apps with or without a limited life span. Irresistible to honest self-promoters on a budget such as theater troupes, performance artists, and fringe festival acts.

The cat has left the building

We created App.Cat in 2010 and it got bought out in 2013. We miss it a little bit but you can now get it from its new home over on

Just need ONE app? Check out App.Cat's sane little sibling InstantApp, which we created after the fat cat's adoption...

The story behind App.Cat - App Factory

None of us knew how it would feel to become a "software giant"! It happened, and every Joe with half a mouse became an app maker and app seller thanks to App.Cat. It's a fantastic product ma...

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The reviews are in!

Truly magical! 
Sarah Gold — Jul 27, 2014
I was skeptical at first. This REALLY makes gorgeous apps instantly. I am in love!
Android and iPhone, wow! 
Nubia Reyes — Jul 27, 2014
It looks great on both & your team provides help immediately!
You've managed the impossible! 
Tim Hynes — Dec 14, 2012
My kids use it. My parents use it. And I use it at the agency.

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