Hottrix produces award-winning software for stage and screen. Hottrix' iBeer app is on over 90 million smartphones but the small Las Vegas based company owned by performers keeps inventing an impressive amount of tangible products, apps, and software for live performers, TV, and cinema. Hottrix apps, Hottrix software, Hottrix gimmicks and tangibles.
Click to download iPhone iBeer trick for iPod touch

iMunchies, iSoda, iMilk, iBeer, and many more iPhone tricks available here >>

YES! My iPhone makes popcorn!
My iPod makes iBeer. Sure it's a hot gadget but hottrix added the ultimate kick!
No technology in the world beats the feeling of making people laugh! Well done. Thanks!

At last! Reliable reels the strength of a charming python!
Need a hand?
Talk to us. We have them by the dozen. more...
Missing "N" seals deal...
Any borrowed object vanishes and appears in a sealed CupNoodles. CupOodles for hungry audiences
Highlight of the week
magic trick for iPhone iPhone magic tricks ready!
Brew and drink a pint of beer on your phone...
PyroPenetrator Cigarette thru Lighter
James Bond...
Secret mechanism inside a car key performs miracles... more...

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When purchasing electronic effects for professional entertainment or corporate motivational purposes check if the company can meet the following Security Facts and is able to offers these warranties.

How do I put the Trix on my iPhone or iPod?
Open the app store on your iPod touch or iPhone and search for Hottrix. If you don't see the app store you need to update your device through iTunes.

Do I have to hack into the iPhone or iPod?
No! Just buy our apps from the app store or iTunes.

I own those iTrix, right?
You can perform our iTrix as many times as you want at no additional charge. They sit on your device ready to entertain anytime. As common sense dictates you cannot re-sell or give away our iTrix. Just like any video or song you buy.

Welcome to the home of legendary iBeer and iMunchies. Hottrix is the professional entertainer's leading supplier of wacky magic gimmicks and magic effects for mobile devices. Popcorn for iPhone anyone? Beer for iPod? We've got it. The instant download online shop accepting all major Credit Cards, our strong warranties and excellent customer support as well as the instant download section guarantee, that you will break the ice performing magic as successfully as millions of satisfied customers over the past 20 years.

Get ready to be the life of the party!

Amaze the people around you with hillarious gags and amazing magic tricks on your iPhone, iPod, or Treo. By creating the world's first original magic trick for the Palm OS in early 2000 Hottrix bridged the gap between old fashioned entertainment and state of the art programming. Since we have nothing better to do we just keep at it...


New York Times David Pogue features iMunchies magic trick for iPhone

Conde Nast Portfolio features iPhone popcorn and iBeer magic trick for iPhone


iGoldfish, goldfish for your iPhone and iPod touch

NEW: iGoldfish
for iPhone/iPod touch

Turn your iPhone into an aquarium. Meet Corby, the iPhone-Goldfish. You can even feed him if he's up to it. Keep iGoldfish away from the cat!

iGoyfish for iPhone and iPod. Beats iGoldfish on your iPhone

NEW: iGoyfish
for iPhone

Just in time for Hanukkah: Turn your iPhone into a magic aquarium. Meet Corby's brother Jeffrey, the other iGoldfish. He turns into Gefilte Fish after you feed him Latkes.

iYuleLog. Fireplace in your iPhone. Portable fireplace

NEW: iYuleLog
for iPhone

Christmas Special! The world famous Yule Log. Your own cozy portable fireplace! Free heat and romance in your pocket. Your iPhone seemingly overheats and the buttons start glowing. That's when you "open" the home screen to reveal the world's only emission-free fireplace.

iPhone popcorn. iMunchies.

for iPhone/iPod touch

Popcorn for iPhone. The all-you-can-eat sensation! Your iPhone becomes a popcorn machine. Reach right into the screen and start snacking. Half magic trick, half sight-gag iMunchies will be the life of the party. Sneak this one into the movies and save tons! iPhone popcorn is the life of the party.

Drink Beer on your iPhone
Customized private brand iBeer versions now available.

iBeer for iPhone/iPod touch

Brew and drink a chilled pint of beer right on your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. iBeer, a hilarious sight-gag, is modeled after Hottrix' original e-spresso from 2000 and takes full advantage of iPhone's high-res screen and speakers. This one is priceless!
New flavors added:
iMilk (got Cookies?)
iWater (on the wagon)
iChampagne (Yes, Senator)
iBlood (Halloween Special)

iBug for iPhone and iPod touch

iBug for iPhone/iPod touch

Expose the live Bug haunting the iPhone...Open your iPhone, watch the bug crawl in, activate the iBugZapper and even grab the creepy crawly through the screen. Extermination and BugFixing in one easy move. Kids love iBug. Adults shudder. Happy Halloween!

Receive a fake phone call so you can run away

iRescueCall for iPhone

Receive phone calls when you need them. Your phone rings any time you want it to. The voice on the other end sounds quite pressing. Add you own fake patter and excuse yourself from the boring date or meeting. 4 different caller voices available to cover any situation: Mum/DMV, Dad/Boss, Sister/Receptionist, Psycho/Prank Caller.

SOFTWARE FOR PALM OSiPhone tricks from Hottrix also for Palm OS
NerdAlert. Simulate phone calls!

NerdAlert for PalmOS

Fake phone calls, SMS and beeper messages instantly or timed with NerdAlert. Run away from that boring talk or hang up that phone because you just "received" this really important call...Stop nerds without feeling guilty!
Now also for Pocket PC...

e-spresso. Click for details! e-spresso for PalmOS

Drink espresso directly on your PDA.
No standing in line, no rude waiters, no brown tongue.
Just pure visual comedy.
Finally it's here: The world's first interactive caffeine rush! details
Now also for Pocket PC...

PickaPalm. Click for details! AbraPick for PalmOS

The world's first magic trick for your Palm Pilot! The original for the professional!
Easy to perform and absolutely mind-blowing! FREE AbraPick for Windows with this amazing software. details...
Now also for Pocket PC...

AbraMath. Click for details! AbraMath for PalmOS

AbraMath. Click for details!NEW: Remote control your Palm Calculator and push phone numbers, force birth dates or cheat at lunch...

PickaPalm for Windows. Click for details! AbraPick for PC

NEW: Finally our sensational Magic Trick for the Palm is available for your Windows PC. FREE AbraPick for Palm with this amazing software. details

PickaPalm. Click for details! AbraPick Plugins

Fabulous new designs and themed cards to fit any occasion.
Latest addition: HolyPick for Christian Magicians.

Pro Deal Palm

All Palm Trix 126.55 86.55
Save $40.-
AbraPick for Win. included FREE
Pro Deal PPC

All PPC Trix
64.80 39.80
Save $30.-
e-spresso included FREE