Panda QR - Mentalist code with ears

Predict anything your audience is thinking! A scannable code that secretly morphs into anything your spectators say.

A printed QR code has been in full view during your show. It's your prediction. But instead of hidden in an envelope like normally, it's a scannable code, fully visible, and huge so it can't be switched or tampered with.

Ask your audience to think of any city or card or snack. They scan the code and the exact word or an image thereof appears on everyone's smartphone.

No force, no stooge, no switch. Pure, clean, and simple magic.
Panda QR looks like an ordinary scannable code.
But it listens to your audience and morphs into the correct answer.

Works with every code scanner app and every smartphone.
Displays maps, images, words, websites, even a photo you just took!
Works over and over with different predictions - Only one code to print.
Does not depend on acoustics or speech recognition if you prefer.

What's in the box?
No box. Instant download! When you order your PandaQR our server immediately generates a unique QR code in multiple sizes and sends it to you via email and directly to your order's "thank you page". Print it and you're set.

Comes with written instructions and a broadcast quality tutorial video.
A high-resolution file of your code for your graphic designer or print shop is included.
If you ever lose your code or forgot to pack it you can re-download it on pandaQR.com from anywhere in the world.

Optional: Panda Pad - fake note app accessory
A separate effect that works in tandem with your QR code. Available after your purchase of PandaQR.
It looks like a note taking app. Whatever your spectator types into the notes becomes the prediction when your code is scanned. Devious because you're now totally hands-off while your audience does all the work for you.
Works really well when asking someone to compile a shopping list for a meal and stop typing at the ingredient they love most. When everyone scans your prediction code that cherished ingredient appears on everyone's smartphone.

No longer available in its original form
Part of the technology that made PandaQR possible has been exclusively licensed to power the revolutionary InstaPrompter. As a result PandaQR is no longer for sale.


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The reviews are in!

petar — Sep 23, 2017

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