iBeer Keg

iBeer's big brother for iPad. Brew, pour, and drink beer on your iPad. It's enormous, totally realistic, and even acts as a draught for your iPhone's iBeer.

This hilarious visual gag takes full advantage of iPad's omnidirectional nature. There's no wrong way to hold iBeerKeg™. It's a stunningly lifelike pool of beer and YOU decide where to "open" the keg to drink or pour.

Tilt for aquarium action, shake for foam and waves, play with condensation, slime and bubbles, even pretend to pour iBeer from iPad to iPhone.

This isn't just iBeer's big brother on steroids, it's THE interactive liquid simulation for iPad programmed from the ground up by the inventors of iBeer. Gigantic, spectacular, hysterical.

You've seen it on TV, YouTube, and read about it in your favorite paper. Now it can be yours!
Bonus burp included.
Get it today and stop those hangovers forever!

Just updated:
✔ FREE steaming coffee: Gallons of it!
✔ MORE DRINKS: Champagne & Wines for the distinguished prankster.
✔ Improved: Trippy Alien Disco Juice, Water, Cola, Milk etc.
✔ Connects to iBeer for iPhone and iPod touch (pending Apple approval)
✔ BlueTooth and WIFI drink sharing among all iOS devices (once iBeer-update for iPhone and iPod touch is approved by Apple). Sharing is caring!
✔ Color mixing when pouring from device to device (mix coffee & beer for a steamy mess)


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