Bill PI

click for detailsGreat for the travelling entertainer. Safe, independent and a fabulous piece of conversation.

Test any currency bill before you accept it. Why? Once you receive a counterfeit bill you are stuck with it. Your bank won't exchange it and if you pass it on you face criminal charges.

Any good color printer can create bogus money BUT it's virtually impossible to counterfeit the paper! That's what the Bill P.I. tests. This ingenious gadget chemically analyzes the composition of paper tissues in the currency and shows you whether the bill is correct or suspect.

Simply touch the bill with the Bill P.I. marker...
bill is good
If the mark is yellow, the bill is correct.
You might have seen simmilar markers at your bank or at Las Vegas Casinos. Our Bill P.I. works on virtually ALL currencies from US-Dollar to German Marks to French Franc to Indian Rupia etc.
bill is bad
If the mark turns dark the bill is suspect.

It's that simple. Best of all the yellow dot disappears so you won't have illegaly marked your currency...Take this marker along to your next restaurant show and use it before a dollar bill switch...


Comes complete in blister pack and tests virtually every existing currency.

PI Pen
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What is it?
Special pen tests currency.
Avoid accepting fake money with the ease of drawing a line! Great along with money tricks and cool ice-breaker at any bar...
No batteries
Portable (Pen only)
works on virtually all currencies
Made to last
Great conversation piece!
Very small and safe
All complete and ready to go!
Difficulty Level

Super easy
Great for the travelling Pro
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Suggested Companion Trick
ThumbsUp (for a bill trick)
PI Bill Pen
Manual w. illustrations
Protective Blister Pack
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bill is bad